• To Museum Restaurant έχει ανανεώσει την εικόνα του αλλά και τις γεύσεις του.

  • In sunny, bright and spacious Atrium of the Center is the amazing "Geosphere", a huge dome that shows the history of the planet Earth and gives a futuristic dimension in the space.

  • Ammonites, the cafe – restaurant of Gaia Centre, characterized for its minimalist style and is ideal for children's parties throughout the year.

  • It is an atmospheric place particular aesthetic, which can accommodate dinners of all kinds, with the geological evolution of the planet and unique exhibits at the background.

  • Within the Gaia Centre, one level below the Geosphere, is the Auditorium "Angelos Goulandris', which can accommodate up to 250 people.

  • Upstairs the Gaia Centre and at the height of the Geosphere, is the A. Leventis Hall, a  total area 186 s.m. multipurpose room, which can accommodate up to 200 people in theater layout, 160 at a dinner or 240 in cocktails.