It has full audio-visual equipment for conferences, lectures, seminars and corporate presentations.

In particular, Auditorium is equipped with:

-Full Translation system in up to 4 different languages simultaneously and microphones for the audience (one microphone per two persons) 

-4 ceiling microphones on stage

-2 Wireless and 4 wire microphones

-8 table microphones for the participants and the coordinators (one at the podium)

-Video projector (compatible with computer, laptop etc.) 

-Overhead projector with connective capability to the video projector (for slides, notes, articles etc.)

-35 mm & 35mm + 16 mm professional film cameras 

-Double tape recorder in order to record meetings

-Slide projector 

-DVD, VHS and Beta video

-Dolby Digital Sound System

Auditorium combined with a spacious foyer (180 s.m.) with full bar, which can serve up to 250 persons at a cocktail event (before, after and during the congress).